Windows 10 OS error detected

Windows 10 os, The US National Security Agency (NSA) has discovered a major flaw in the Windows 10 operating system (OS). With the help of which hackers could easily create malicious software and take control of the computer.

Microsoft has already released a security program (patch) for the error and said there was no evidence that hackers were using the opportunity.

Windows 10 os

The matter was reported by the NSA during a press conference. However, it is not clear how many days before the company was informed of the error. Security researcher Brian Krebs first reported the matter.

He said that after learning about the error, Microsoft sent it to high-level users, including the military, before unveiling a large-scale security patch. Krebs described the whole thing as pretty scary.

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There was a problem with the original program known as ‘crypt32.dll’. The program allows software developers to access important functions such as digital certificates to access software.

This means that a hacker is able to take control in a way that would seem very normal. However, earlier versions of Windows 10 did not have that risk. Source: BBC

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