Windows 10 antivirus is getting harder to remove

Microsoft’s Windows operating system can not be called the perfect operating system. However, it is difficult to complain about the built-in defender antivirus.


It works well without affecting the user’s PC usage experience. It has reduced the need for third-party antivirus programs on Windows PCs. However, it is difficult for the user to disable the Microsoft tool.

Technology website TechRadar reports that Windows 10 antivirus software can no longer be easily removed. Microsoft has made it difficult to disable or shut down Windows 10 Antivirus.

An antivirus called Microsoft Defender or Windows Defender is built-in with the Windows 10 operating system. This software can be easily removed before, but now it is not easily removed.

Experts say the current version of Microsoft Defender works well to protect against viruses, malware and other Internet risks. However, there are many reasons to disable it.

Even if the real-time protection of the antivirus is turned off, it is automatically turned on later. It can be disabled from the registry. Now Windows has changed the settings to disable it in the version of 10 August 2020.

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Through this, Microsoft is forcing the user to use the Defender a lot. Microsoft wants everyone to use their own antivirus. However, the use of other antivirus has not completely stopped.

For those who want to run the PC completely under their control, forcing them to use Microsoft’s antivirus is becoming a lot of annoyance.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus stops working automatically when it detects another antivirus on the PC, Microsoft said. This means that users can run other antivirus Windows if they want, which will not conflict with Microsoft Defender.

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