Twitter new feature: Birdwatch

The spread of fake information through social media is on the rise. This time, Twitter is bringing a new feature called ‘Birdwatch’ to stop the spread of fake information. Using the feature, Twitter users will be able to report complaints or display flags, explain suspicious tweets, and participate in tweet-related surveys.

Technology analyst Jane Manchun Wong unveiled the new Twitter feature in August. He shared some screenshots of the feature on Twitter at the time. From there, the idea is to prevent fake information in the Twitter account by analyzing the information collected from the users through the Twitter feature.

Wong said on Twitter last Saturday that if a tweet is added to Birdwatch, it creates a Twitter community form. That form contains multiple questions that will be added to the complaint area.

Kevin Beckpore, head of Twitter’s product division and co-founder of the live streaming app Periscope, confirmed the arrival of Birdwatch after Ong’s tweet. He said details about Birdwatch would be announced soon.

Social media consultant Matt Navara also recently shared a screenshot of Birdwatch on Twitter. As it turns out, there will be a small binocular icon at the bottom of the tweet. If you click on it, you can go to the Add to Birdwatch feature.

Earlier, Ong’s tweet also mentioned the possibility of users complaining against a tweet. Complaints against a tweet can be written in the form of a note and kept for other users or moderators to see.

An NDTV report said Twitter authorities have not yet confirmed whether Twitter’s Birdwatch feature will be open to the public. The technology world will be waiting to see how effective it is in preventing fake information or trolls when the feature is launched on the Facebook platform.

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