Browser: Top 6 Web Browser for Windows

Which browser is the best browser for Speed, Performance, and Privacy? Well, In this article I will show you the top Top 10 Browser for Windows 10. So let’s start.

Top 6 Browser

If you check the internet you will get many articles and Reviews of the best browser. But which is actually best? Today In this article I will share with you my personal experience. From 2016, I have seen some browsers. And they are

  1. Google chrome
  2. Mozilla firefox
  3. Microsoft edge
  4. Opera mini
  5. Tor Browser
  6. Brave browser

NO #01: Google chrome

You already know that Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and Google makes apps to makes your life easier. That’s why I use all google apps and Google chrome also. You can customize anything on google chrome. Google chrome UI looks better than any web browser. Also, this for high-quality pc or laptop because it’s run many programs on the background of your system. And that’s why it’s slow down your pc. But if you have the best-configured pc or laptop can use it.


NO #02: Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also known as the Firefox browser. It’s a safe secure and lightweight browser. It doesn’t affect your pc. And like google chrome it doesn’t make your pc slow. Mozilla gives you a nice looking UI from 2019.  And you believe me I am telling this article I am writing now from Mozilla. In Mozilla, you can hide your location from the tracking website and it is a big factor. So go ahead and download Mozilla firefox now.


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NO #03: Microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge comes with preinstalled on Windows 10 and I like this. In Microsoft Edge, you will get many different kinds of settings and shortcuts. Microsoft Edge gives you a nice looking UI plus Customization option like google chrome. It’s the default search engine that is bing. You can change it later to google. If we come to security Microsoft Edge gives us also privet mode like other browsers and helps us to protect from the tracking website.


NO #04: Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a Chinese browser. Opera Mini gives you a nice looking UI and a lot of customization options. In fact Opera Mini gives you a free built-in VPN to hide your self from the internet. It supports many devices like mobile phones computers laptops etc. Opera mini is also known as a secure browser. You can use it in 2020 for totally free. So, Check it out and download it.

NO #05: Tor Browser

Tor browser, The root onion. This browser is specially designed for the hacker. The many people called it “The get of Darknet”. You can use it for security reasons. But I will not recommend you if you don’t know anything about hacking. Because this browse one mistake makes your life dangerous. But for security or hiding on the internet, you can use it.


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