Top 5 keyword tool chrome extension

Here are the top 5 keyword tool chrome extensions. Without those, you can’t do the best SEO for your website. Now let’s see the top 5 keyword tool chrome extensions.

Hey, I am Mr. Mad and in this article, I will show you the top 5 keyword tool chrome extensions that will help to grow your website with easy SEO. 

Everyone wants to make their business small to big. But If you are a website owner then you need to SEO your website. Without SEO you site zero 0 🙂

Now, not only SEO you need to make your website backlink also. And this is the most important part of an SEO. Plus you need to do keyword research. 

But before you do keyword research you need to install some addons into your browser. Most are free paid. So don’t need to pay you in a startup. 

What is SEO?

Now, What is SEO man? Well, SEO full form is “Search Engine optimization” You need to optimize your site for google. 

Google checks 200 factors of your site and then it will give your site on No #01 on the first page of google search. 

SEO is not easier than people think. Very difficult things in the world I believe. But keep in mind not impossible. You can, I can, and anyone can. 

There are a lot of websites in the world that will help you to grow your business through SEO. I personally love and

You can search on google there for SEO articles sites. 

The first step of SEO

The first step of SEO is keywords. If you don’t have targeted keywords then you can’t rank your site on google’s first page. 

There are a lot of factors in keyword Research. You search on google or if you want to know from me, Then comment down below. 

I will make a full series of how to do keyword research. For now, let’s get started and see the top 5 keyword tool chrome extensions.

Keyword tool chrome extensions

There are a lot of keyword tool chrome extensions available on the internet. But in this tutorial, I will show you what keyword tool chrome extensions I use.

  • Similar site
  • Similar web
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • SEOquake
  • MozBar

No #01: Similar site

Credit: Naimtrickbd

The first step of SEO is, Finding keywords and the first step finding keywords is finding competitor websites. If you don’t understand I am telling you again. 

If you want to find a keyword then you need to find your competitor website. From where they are getting traffic? For which keyword they are getting traffic. 

And finally, you will get a competitor website. And yeah, at this point This extension will help you. If you search your keyword you will get a site on this keyword. 

And when you go to that site the extension will see you on a similar website. I mean many more sites, like that site. I think you are clear now. 

No #02: Similar Web

Credit: Naimtrickbd

Similar sites are a small part of similar websites. This is the main website or you can main extension. This is the main weapon of the SEO industry. 

I personally use this and many bloggers also use this tool to rank on google. A similar web helps you to see a particular website with all details. 

It will help you to know the global rank of a website. Plus it shows the country rank. Not only that it will show you the category rank of a website. 

And that is a lot. I mean you can spy with our competitor without investing money for that. Also, it shows google search console data of a website. 

Not only those, but SimilarWeb will also help you to see the traffic source of a website. Cool right?

No #03: Keyword Everywhere

 keyword tool chrome extensions.

The keyword everywhere is the best tool ever. You can say it’s an alternative version of google keyword planner. 

I mean when you search a particular topic it shows 100 keywords related to the main keyword. Very cool handy feature.

Not only that keyword everywhere will help to check keyword rank on google’s first page. This tools my favorite feature is the “People also search for”

This is a cool feature you can say. Here you will get some keyword suggestions. So go ahead and install this. 

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No #04: SEOquake

Credit: Naimtrickbd

Now come into the most important extension of google chrome and SEO sector and for bloggers also. You can say all in one SEO tool.

These are the addons I love so much. SEOquake is a spying extension. You spy on your competitor. It gives the total backlink of a website. 

A list of referral domains of a website. Referring to IPS also. SEOquake gives you the Alexa rank, Google index, Bing index, and many more. 

SEOquake gives you full page info also. You can analyze the number of traffic of a website. And that means those are free and not a small amount of info. 

This is a game changing SEO extension. 

No #05: MozBar

Moz - MozBar
Credit: MozBar

MozBar is a free SEO all in one tool. For this, you don’t need to pay some extra money to another company for getting small info. 

This extension gives us a lot. This will help us to see a website DA and PA. How many backlinks have a website? This plugin is not a very hard thing you know. 

Easy to use and Most important. This is not totally free. But I think you don’t need to buy the pro version. This company’s website will help you to find keywords also. 

Not only those you can learn SEO from this extension. This MozBar has a feature and for that, you check a website’s spamming score. 

And this is again a bonus point. So that’s it. If you want to know more about the tech you can subscribe to our newsletter. 

Thank you for reading. 

Mr. Mad

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