Top 10 working BDIX server list 2020

Finding the best working FTP/BDIX server in Bangladesh? Then you are in the right place. Here in this post, I will show you the Top 10 working Bdix servers list in 2020! So let’s get started. But before we get started first you need to know what is BDIX or FTP server.

What is BDIX OR FTP server?

The full form of BDIX is Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange. Now suppose your ISP or your internet service provider has at least 1 FTP server. No matter how fast you take the net connection from this server, you can download the files from that server at a very fast speed. Now all the high-level ISPs or major ISPs of Bangladesh have created BDIX in this way. In other words, suppose 100 ISPs in Bangladesh have created BDIX, then if your ISP has BDIX supported, then you can download from the BDIX server, which means you can download those 100 ISPs from FTP servers at high speed. Suppose a lot of time, you went to visit your friend’s house. I went there and saw that your friend was browsing the site Then you will think it is a kind of site again! In fact, it is a BDIX FTP server. By clicking here, you can read our detailed article about the BDIX Server that you can use from your ISP.

  1. Circle FTP Server
  2. Server
  3. BossBD FTP Server
  4. Net@Home
  5. Sam Online FTP BD
  6. MangoGamers FTP Gaming Server BD
  7. FTPBD
  8. Alphamediazone
  9. JDIX
  10. BongoBD Content on Demand
  11. Bonus: CrazyCTG FTP server

If you don’t know how to check BDIX or FTP server in your ISP providers then Learn more here!

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