Top 10 must-have apps for windows 10 on 2020

Top 10 must-have apps for windows 10 at glance: Google Chrome, Audacity, 7 zip or Rar, Bing wallpaper, Grammarly, Microsoft To-do, Adobe creative cloud, Video LAN (VLC), Your Phone, Internet speed monitor. 

If you are new on windows or Switching from windows 7 to windows 10 then this article for you. In this article, I will show you the best apps you ever need on Windows 10. 

Nowadays, everyone is switching to Windows 10 because the windows performance is quite good and enjoyable. And for the windows 10 shortcut, we can do any work 2x faster. 

So those are the perfect reason to switch on windows 10. And If you are using windows 7 or 8 then I will recommend switching on windows 10. 

Now let’s start the article and see the Top 10 must-have apps for windows 10 2020. 

Must-have apps for windows 10

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox – must-have apps for windows 10
  • Audacity – must-have apps for windows 10
  • 7Zip or WinRar – must-have apps for windows 10
  • Bing wallpaper- must-have apps for windows 10
  • Grammarly- must-have apps for windows 10
  • Microsoft To-Do – must-have apps for windows 10
  • Adobe creative cloud – must-have apps for windows 10
  • Video LAN – must-have apps for windows 10
  • Your Phone – must-have apps for windows 10
  • Internet Speed monitor – must-have apps for windows 10

No #01: Google Chrome – Web browser

must-have apps for windows 10

Google chrome is a web browser. It helps to open or visit websites faster than other browsers. You can use Mozilla also. 

You already know that google chrome is the best. And I think you are using google chrome on windows different platforms. Like – windows-7.

So if you want to use windows 10 then probably you need a web browser. Windows 10 has a default browser called Microsoft Edge. 

Microsoft Edge also a faster browser. But you can’t get the necessary add-ons for this browser. I mean 80% add-ons made for google chrome and Mozilla firefox. 

So I will suggest you use google chrome its an official web browser from google. And this browser also gives many features that you will not get on any other browsers. 

You can customize google chrome browser as you like. If you don’t know-how, then visit:

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No #02: Audacity- Audio recorder

must-have apps for windows 10

If you are a YouTuber, You need an audio recorder software. And Audacity is the best open-source software ever. You can recorder like a pro. 

Audacity has many features, such as noise reduction, Adding plugins, Multi-track records, etc.

Like video editing, you can do audio editing like a pro. You can on YouTube “Audacity tutorial” and you will get many tutorials. 

No #03: 7Zip – Extractor Software


For windows, there are many file extensions is available. But when you compress them or Extract them you need software. 

And that’s why you can use 7Zip or WinRar. Those are very popular software from many years ago. You can do more stuff with that software. 

That 2 software is small but very powerful. Windows by default have the software and there is a limit. That means you can extract the zip file only. 

But with that 2 software, you have no limit. You can do anything. 

No #04: Bing wallpaper – Wallpaper software


On the windows 10, you need this wallpaper software. If a wallpaper that saved for many days then the desktop looks ugly and I don’t love this. 

For this bing wallpaper, you don’t need to do anything. This is an automated software. This software will change your wallpaper every day. 

And that’s why I use this. It’s a very cool software to make my laptop fresher. You can use it also. 

No #05: Grammarly- Spelling checker


Now come into the Typing. Nowadays everyone has a computer. And most people write every day in English. But they look at their spelling. 

For this, there is a software called Grammarly. And the interesting thing is I am writing on it now. Grammarly is the most popular software for spelling. 

You can use it on your computer, Mobile, and many more. This software is easy to use and User-friendly. Just you need to sign up with your Gmail. And that’s it. 

You can sing up from here:

No #06: Microsoft To-Do – The planner app


We don’t have any plans for a day. But if we do, we can get our success very fast. To make our plan easier Microsoft given us Microsoft To-Do apps. 

Here you can create your plan. You can make your future plan also. You can set your goal through this application. The good news is, This application is totally free. 

You can get it from Microsoft store. 

No #07: Adobe creative cloud- The sea of Best apps

Adobe CC 2020 Collection Free Download – Detailed instructional videos
Credit: IGG tech

Everyone knows adobe company. It’s a popular company many years ago. It’s famous for Adobe after-effect and Adobe photoshop. 

Everyone has used that 2 software. In windows 10 if you install adobe creative cloud you can access all apps that provide adobe. 

So go ahead and install it. 

No #08: Video LAN (VLC) – Video and audio player


Vlc Is the no #01 software for the media player. It has many features that other software doesn’t have. You can do anything with VLC. 

I am also using this software for playing audio and video on my laptop. You can download it from google. 

No #09: Your Phone


To sync your mobile with your laptop this is the perfect software. You can share your mobile photos and videos with this software. 

You can make a call from your laptop with this software. This is the official software of Microsoft. Simply install it on your computer and mobile. 

Now pair two devices and you can access your mobile from your laptop. You can manage your mobile notification also. 

No #10: Internet Speed Meter


You can say the software details listen to the software name. Yeah, This software is an internet speed checker. You can display your internet speed on your Windows 10 taskbar. 

Download it from here

So those are all the must-have apps for windows 10. Make sure to share this with your friends who finding tips like this. 

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