iPhone12: The new iPhone is coming in September 2020

Apple, the US technology maker, releases new iPhone12 to the market every year with some new products. The new iPhone12 was expected to be delayed this year due to the coronavirus situation. However, there are rumors that Apple is not willing to delay the release of the new iPhone in the market.

The announcement of the new iPhone12 may come on September 6. In addition to announcing the new iPhone in September, Apple may announce another product in October.

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The i-Hack to account has been introduced on Twitter by revealing information about Apple products. From that account, Apple’s new product launch date and plans have been announced. According to the account leaked information about Apple products, Apple is not planning to bring a new iPhone this time.

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This time the new iPhone will be announced in the new year in a virtual event. At the same time, the announcement of Apple’s Watch Series 8 may also come. Then on October 26, the company may announce the iPad Pro and the new MacBook at another event. This time Apple can use its own silicon chipset in the new MacBook, excluding Intel chipset.

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Apple usually hosts new product announcements on the second Tuesday in September each year. Earlier, Apple announced the launch of iPhone and Watch in September 2016. Then again in October, the iPad Pro and MacBook Air were announced. It is believed that Apple can walk that path again.

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Technology analysts are speculating that the new iPhone model this year could be called the iPhone 12. It is expected that the iPhone 12 model will cost $50 more than the iPhone 11. This time the charger or airport will not be available with the new iPhone box.

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Apple will increase the price of the new iPhone due to the 5G facility and LED screen. For weeks, various technology websites have been publishing information about Apple’s new iPhone. Most reports indicate that the iPhone does not have a charger. A recent analysis and Apple’s recent customer survey also hinted at that. Apple’s new iPhone 12 model measuring 5.4 inches can be priced at 749.

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