The Evolution of the Android Tablet !

The Story of the Android Tablet Č Pen computing refers to a computer screen that uses the pressure or touch of a pen or stylus instead of the keyboard or mouse or touchpad.

Pen computing technology, surprisingly enough goes way back to the 1800s. An electronic tablet used for handwriting recognition was patented in 1888.

In 1915 a computer called the Holsten Rules was invented. It was a graphical user interface that was designed around the use of a pen.

In 1956 electronic text was invented. Five years later keypads were invented. These are the keyboards that we know today.

In the 1970’s Apple created the first personal computer with a GUI (graphical user interface). This GUI reduced the learning curve for new users and allowed them to be productive immediately.

At around this time, handheld computers were being introduced. These devices were far more limited than what we have today. These computers were able to do less – far less, in fact. These first handheld computers were devices that were around the size of a fountain pen. They were found in industries and used common everyday objects as input devices. These devices were also about the size of an old fashioned watch with a few buttons for use.

Today The first tablet computers were introduced in1998 to much acclaim. They soon revolutionized computing as today’s tablets are larger and more powerful than their first computers. These new breed of tablets use the windows based OS called Chrome OS. The Chrome OS is quickly replacing the traditional windows based OS.

Today, the landscape of tablets is changing rapidly. On the horizon is the Microsoft Surface tablet which provides a clear competitor to the Android Tegra 2 based E-Compact and the Apple iPad. The Microsoft Surface uses the touch based technology and runs the latest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 7.

The class of tablets is much larger than what was available just a few years ago. In the last few years the power and memory has increased to the point that many tablets are now competitive with the well known computers. They are portable, they do not take a lot of memory, and they are light and they do not take up a lot of room. This is another competitor the developers of Google and Apple have to defeat.

The Tablet computer is still considered a niche product, but with the direction the technology is going it should within the next year or two be a huge hit with the public. It’s once been thought that the power of the computer would be released with the release of the iPhone which would give the computer a great advantage. However with the release of Android and Apple OSX keeping the pace with the computing power of the computer is going to be difficult.

Computers have had great advantages since they were first developed. Todayiping web pages has become a much more instantaneous and pleasant experience. Documents and files are much more easily kept and transferred over the internet. Programming has been greatly simplified and the time and cost is much better for the user. However with the development of strong software such as Google Docs and spreadsheets, the small businesses are adopting Google’s model. The up and coming Windows 8 operating system will fully realize this notion.

The companies that create software for the tablet are mostly software houses. A number of smaller companies have created a number of different softwares for the tablet. There are mainly two categories of tablet models currently available, those that are on the Android platform and those that are on the Apple platform. The Android company includes many more brands of tablets, but by and large the names include manufacturers such as Sony, HP, Samsung and so on. The Apple company has a large number of tablets on their line, but by and large the names involved are fewer and far between. The overall design of the series is a long one.

Sony’s PS3 is a strong competitor to the iPad. The PS3 is able to run the standard software and also the most cutting edge games. The PS3 is also highly compatible with the PC. One of the features mentioned in its technical specifications is the ability to connect directly to the broadband network. This may allow the user to freely connect to the internet. The PS3’s technical specifications are far greater than any other tablet currently available. It features two types of hard drives, 60GB and 40GB, so it can be backgrounds for games or drives carrying movies. The PS3 is weigh as much as 5.5 pounds.

The top tablet models from Apple are probably those that are mentioned above. The iPad and the PlayBook are in the tablet category. The size of the apple tablet is about the same size as the size of the comptia hd comptia, but it is far superior in every way. The iPad features a large screen, and many other features, while PlayBook is very small and lightweight.

Some of the other names are Big Sandy, iFetch, and iReader.

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