The Amazon Echo Dot price, release date, and features in 2020

The Amazon Echo Dot was introduced with a completely new feature, with circular construction, an updated sound system, and new Alexa skills.

Announced alongside the new Echo and Echo Dot and Clock at Amazon’s event in 2020 – the latter added an LED clock indicator to the company’s least intelligent speaker.

Today in the fourth generation, the last time the Echo Dot saw the update is back in 2018 – and its latest release will be reflected in the most important design changes of the smart speaker

While the new Echo Dot is still available for pre-order now, it will soon be available for purchase and will launch on October 22. So we posted this simple guide for everyone who needs it. to know about the fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot, including pricing, design, sound effects, and more

Amazon Echo Dot features in 2020

Amazon Echo Dot

Like all Amazon Echo speakers, the Echo Dot comes with Alexa on the platform, allowing you to hands-free access to a highly-skilled voice assistant.

You can ask Alexa to schedule appointments, schedule calendars, play music, talk to you in the air, call other Echo speakers and cell phones, read the news, and more work thanks to Alexa skills.

A new Alexa feature announced alongside the Echo Dot is the Alexa Speech-Language for Kids, which allows Alexa to change her answers to suit the child when she knows the child is speaking to an ia.

While using the Echo speaker in this scenario, Amazon claims that children can “ask questions to Alexa, arrange animal sounds, and help in household chores, to call on friends and family who have been accepted, and the authorities to reassure parents “

There is also a new Alexa feature designed to help with home lessons: Sidekick Reading helps your children read and praise their problems.

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Amazon Echo Dot audio quality is the best in 2020

Best Alexa devices for 2020: Smart doorbells, speakers, displays and more -  CNET
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Eric Saarnio, Vice President for Amazon Devices, told TechRadar that the new Echo Dot contains “a 1.6-inch, front-facing speaker, that produces high-quality music and tablets for all the sounds you can enjoy in every room in your home. “

It doesn’t look like the drivers have changed in a smart speaker, although the grade design can create a wider sound range than the previous Amazon Echo Dot produced.

If the audio quality is the same as the third-generation Echo Dot, which is not the best-known speaker on the market, it might be better to work as a desk companion, rather than just your music player – for sounds better, you’ll want to check out the Echo Studio, which comes with Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

That said, it comes with multi-room audio support, which means you can connect to other Echo compatible devices to bring music to every room in your home.

Compatible music streaming services include Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, and more, and you can listen to the radio and play audio through SiriusXM and Listen.

Amazon Echo Dot release date in 2020

The new Amazon Echo Dot will be released on October 22, though it is available to order from Amazon.

Amazon Echo Dot price in 2020

The new Echo Dot will cost you $ 49.99 / £ 49.99 / AU $ 79, while the new Dot and Clock will cost you $ 59.99 / £ 59.99 / AU $ 99.

That’s the price we found for previous generations of this little smart speaker, launched in 2018 – he quickly reduced that price for Friday and Cyber Monday last year, so we may have to wait until November it will be sold.

Amazon Echo Dot design in 2020

Amazon launches new Echo family with spherical design: Know details |  Technology News – India TV
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The Amazon Echo Dot is arguably the company’s smartest speaker, and that’s exactly what it looks like – although the all-new Echo’s circular design is now being distributed, this is a big difference from the previous fashions of the Echo.

When it comes to Carbon (gray), White (white), and Dark (blue-blue), the new Echo Dot looks a bit like the new Echo, with a fabric crown and plastic base.

At the bottom of the speaker is the blue Alexa light ring, and at the back you will find an electrical port and a 3.5mm audio port, allowing you to connect the Dot to more powerful speakers or to any audio source. if you wish.

At the top of the Echo Dot, you have an Action button, a button/change button, and a shutter on/off switch, which can be pressed to turn off the microphone if you are worried about Alexa’s embrace.

Standing at 3.5 inches high, the new Echo Dot is slightly larger than the front, although it has the same small footprint, so it doesn’t have much space on your desk and desk.

Buying an Echo Point for Your Child? Amazon has also launched a new Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition in the US. Priced at $ 59.99 (and possibly priced at £ 59.99 / AU $ 99 in the UK and Australia if available in other markets), this well-known speaker continues with a design-like design that is child-friendly and panda and tiger.

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