It is the smallest 6-core PC on the market, but it’s one big one

Computers and 6-core processors are moving square-core models in the mainstream market when competition

Take, for example, the Acer Aspire TC-875-UR12 (referred to as the DT.BF3AA.002), which embraces the traditional mini-frame design with a sleek and sleek look.

The Intel Core i5-10400 processor, as the name implies, uses a 10th generation Intel CPU. It is based on Comet Lake architecture and features Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU.

With six batteries, 12 wires, 2.9 / 4.3GHz base / turbo clock speed and 12MB of cache, this machine is unobtrusive and will outperform everything in the same price range.

Popular computer system with CPU readout With the same memory card as the previous store, the Intel Core i7 8700 has the same features but 10% faster charging.

It also has 8GB of RAM (single slot, DDR4-2666), Windows 10 Home, phone and mouse keyboard, Gigabit Ethernet port, card holder, DVD writer, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 (Intel AX200 card maybe) and 17 connected links (up to five for audio)

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What we don’t like is the fact that it uses a 1TB hard disk drive with a rotational speed of 7,200RPM. Yes it is fast, but the SSD is too fast and too small.

Keep in mind that this Acer Aspire PC has a 300W power supply, four internal enhancements (no free SATA port) and two optical ports.

Source: TechRadar

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