Huawei: Qualcomm’s lobbying for the troubled Huawei in 2020

Chipmaker Qualcomm is lobbying the US government to sell the chipset to banned US-based Huawei Technologies. The news agency Reuters quoted a report in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday.

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According to Qualcomm’s sources, Qualcomm is trying to lobby for Huawei to use Qualcomm’s chipset in 5G smartphones.

As a result of the ban on Huawei, Qualcomm has lost an annual market of 600 million to its foreign rival, according to the Wall Street Journal. Qualcomm did not comment to Reuters.

Last month, Qualcomm authorities resolved the license issue with Huawei. Qualcomm will receive 1.8 billion in the fourth quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, another Voice of America report said that Huawei’s US censorship has created a crisis for its processor chips. They have to stop producing their own advanced chips. Huawei’s business losses are increasing under US pressure.

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China’s Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest smartphone and network equipment maker, is currently in the midst of a technology and security war between the United States and China. After Huawei, the animosity between China and the United States has reached Tiktak and WeChat.

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Last year, Washington imposed a ban on Huawei on security grounds, shutting down equipment from US companies and Google. The ban on Huawei was tightened in May. U.S. technology companies around the world have been banned from selling and supplying technology to Huawei.

Washington is lobbying to exclude Huawei from building a next-generation network, citing security risks to its European allies.

In a recent Global Times editorial run by People’s Daily, the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, the US government’s response to blacklisted bit dance and Huawei technologies has highlighted the US government’s efforts to separate the economy from China. China will not accept any theft of a Chinese technology company.

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