Nokia is bringing a new smart TV

Finnish telecom and smartphone company Nokia launched Smart TV last year. Last year, Nokia launched the 55-inch Nokia TV. Since then, the company has released two more TVs measuring 43 inches and 65 inches. This time they are bringing new smart TVs in the market. Technology website Gizmochainer

According to the report, Nokia brand 32-inch or 50-inch smart TVs will be available in the market.

According to the technology website Nokia Power users, Nokia could bring new TVs in both 32-inch and 50-inch sizes. One of them will have an FHD display and the other will have a 4K panel.

The two TVs will run on the Android 9.0 operating system. It may have a video streaming app preinstalled. In addition, Onkyo speakers will be added as a feature. Nokia may now release TV targeting the Indian market.

According to Nokia, they are bringing smart TVs to the Indian market. Smart TVs can have five types of video modes. These are — Vivid, Standard, Sports, User, and Game Modes.

The 43-inch Nokia Smart TV has an Ultra HD display and a 16-degree viewing angle. 43 inch TV with CA 53 processor, Mali 450 GPU, 2. It has 25 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage.

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