Nokia 1108 Review: After 17 Years is still alive now!

The Nokia 1108 Review. This Nokia 1108 mobile is my dad’s phone actually and Now the Nokia 1108 is mine.

And in this article, I will show you the Nokia 1108 review. So don’t waste time let’s get started.

From 2003 is running But Now mobile charging IC is not alive and the Battery backup is not good as well.

I can charge it from an auto charger. First I open the battery and do directly charge from the current. But Hmm don’t try this at your home.

But its sound quality is now alive like 17 years ago! So this is the phone that sold by 250 million units.

This is the top sold mobile in the world. Now the android came and do the end. All people around forgot this mobile.

But I can’t beacuse I am a Nokia lover. This my favorites mobile for ever, And ever and ever.

The sound quality of the microphone still alive and you can call anyone. In this world I think there is no mobile like this.

I mean after 17 years this is alive now. And also I can use it. This is lots of love for nokia. Thank you nokia for making this king.

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