New Technology News: Nokia 8.3 (5G) is launching

New Technology News of Nokia. There is no person in the world that can tell I don’t know about Nokia. Yeah, This is the company that I love from my childhood. 

You already know that Nokia is doing large things. And Nokia 8.3 is a part of this. In this year Nokia (HMD Global) launching Their 5G smartphone Nokia 8.3

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New Technology News

Elevate your photos and videos to pro-level with ease. ZEISS cinematic effects are built in to help make every video epic and the PureView quad-camera empowers you to capture moments you’ll want to share with the world. Unlock new possibilities with stunningly fast 5G – like streaming, gaming, and more. Plus, you’ll always stay one step ahead with the latest Android upgrades.


New Technology News: Nokia 8.3

Nokia promises us this is the only device you will ever need. There is no limit on this Nokia 8.3 (5G) smartphone. 

Nokia 8.3 comes with a 64 MP rear camera and some more lenses for perfect photography. Like: Depth sensor, Wide angle lens and etc.

For 64 MP Zeiss camera, you don’t need to worry about photos or pictures that will you capture after buying Nokia 8.3

This camera will give you every detail of a photo. It comes with a quad-camera setup. So think about this how powerful will Nokia 8.3

This device will very powerful. Nokia has not said anything yet. So my information can’t be 100% right. I am sharing my thought. 

But this is confirmed Nokia 8.3 will come on the market very soon. We need to wait a few days for this. Nokia is coming with android 11. 

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Nokia uses Google one on every device and in this device Nokia will also you Google one as the operating system. And don’t worry about updates. 

Nokia is giving us 3 years of security updates. I can tell that, In terms of updates Nokia a king. And not only those you can get an update until Android 12 or 13. 

This device comes with a 6.81-inch display and that is really large. You don’t worry about gaming for this display you know. 

The Nokia 8.3 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor. And that means this is 5G. You can use the internet and many more things without any limits.

Nokia tells on their website, The Nokia 8.3 will gives you 2 days of battery life. And this a lot of fun for me. And also this is a lot of fun for a gamer.

And this device has an extra feature called the google assistant button. This button will help you to do quick work. 

And now if we come to security. This device will come with a power button security sensor. That means the fingerprint sensor is on the power button. 

Built with precision. Crafted with care. Nokia 8.3 5G is rooted in pristine Nordic design, from its all-glass body to stunning color – Polar Night – inspired by the northern lights.

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