New iPhone ‘Invitation’

Rumors have been circulating for a long time about Apple’s new iPhone. The US technology company is finally putting an end to the buzz. They are going to announce to bring a new iPhone on the market. Apple has started inviting guests to its biggest event this year.

Apple will host the special event online on October 13. The iPhone 12 series may be announced at the event. A Reuters report has given this information. The invitation sent by Apple reads, ‘Hi, Speed. Join us for the special event at Apple Park. ‘Apple’s event will start at 10 am.

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It is expected that Apple will officially announce the iPhone 12 series on October 13. There are many rumors surrounding the program of that day. There is a huge interest among Apple lovers around the new iPhone.

Apple usually announces the new iPhone in September. However, due to the Corona epidemic this time, the Cupertino-based company has postponed the launch of the iPhone for a month.
Apple announced two new Apple Watch models at an event it hosted last September. Along with the Smartwatch of the Series 8 and Watch SE models, a new iPad model was also announced at the event.

Technology analysts say Apple fans have been waiting around for iPhone events throughout the year. This has become Apple’s biggest event.

An 8.1-inch iPhone 12 Max, an iPhone 12 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. The main difference between the iPhone models this time will be the camera.

In the last two years, Apple has made a difference in the displays of their iPhones. Affordable iPhones have LCD displays. But this time all iPhone models may have an LED display.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will have the dual-camera setup and the other two models will have a three-camera setup. The leader scanner feature that came in the iPad Pro earlier can also come in the iPhone 12 model this time.

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