New facility on Instagram on the 10th birthday

New facility on Instagram

The new facility on Instagram: Instagram is celebrating its tenth anniversary by launching some new facilities. One of the benefits is the storage map. Stories posted in the last three years can be found in it. With this, the facility of watching long videos and shopping facilities on IGTV is being updated. And if you want to change the icon of the Instagram app on the home screen, there is an advantage to do so.

On October 6, 2010, the Instagram app for Apple’s iPhone was released. This is the official launch of the app-based photo-sharing app. He completed the decade as Instagram. And in 2012 comes the Android app.

The storage map can only be viewed by the user himself. It will show the stories of the last three years according to the map and date. The facility has been added mainly to look back at the favorite moments. However, many users have been surprised.

The storage facility was announced at launch, and if something is posted on it, it will only last for one day. In that statement on Instagram, many thought that the posts must have been deleted from the Facebook server at the end of the day. He proved the idea wrong with this new facility. However, in the story highlights of Instagram, which was launched in 2016, the old stories could be saved according to the category.

Another new feature is coming to Instagram in conjunction with the US National Bullying Prevention Month. In that experimental feature, if users mark a comment as malicious, it will be deleted, and other similar comments will be automatically covered by Instagram. However, if you click on the button labeled ‘View Hidden Comments’, those comments can also be seen.

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