Mark Zuckerberg in the top 3 of the rich

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of more than 1 trillion. He has risen to the top three in the list of the richest people in the world. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he is preceded only by Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates of Microsoft. In the world alone, these three have assets worth more than 10 trillion US dollars. This information was given in a report by Business Insider.

Facebook’s share price has skyrocketed after Facebook launched a service called Instagram Reels, a rival to the Chinese video-sharing site TickTock. Zuckerberg’s total wealth crossed the 100 billion milestones. This is the first time Zuckerberg’s wealth has reached 10 trillion US dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg’s total share of Facebook is 13 percent. This increase in Zuckerberg’s wealth during the Corona period has already been discussed. In addition to launching Instagram reels, he recently came up with an antitrust hearing in Congress.

The company has also been criticized for taking a stand against fake news and hateful comments recently. Many companies have removed ads from Facebook. This did not have much effect on Facebook.

Facebook has also been seen taking action against Trump’s recent posts. Facebook took action against a post about coronavirus from US President Donald Trump and his campaign camp.

Meanwhile, the company has also started giving special benefits to office workers. The company is giving the opportunity to the employees to work from home till July next year. He also announced a bonus of an additional one thousand US dollars for the home office.

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And the good news is Mark Zuckerberg has previously promised to donate 99 percent of his shares in his lifetime.

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