Hey, Are you a content writer? Looking for a job? Or Want to be a contributor on a site? Then this artcile for you!

There are many people who can write content and want to write on a website but can’t find a website. We have launched this service for you today.

Today We are introducing contributor program into Naimtrickbd.com

Here you can write and earn money from it. You can also read our FAQs section and Joined us!

How you can earn money?

Well, In this world, I think there are many people who know writing well. So this program is for they. Now come into how you can make money?

  1. First, you need to know good writing
  2. You have to very fast in writing
  3. You need to know how to write a great article (around-2000 word)
  4. The article must be 100% original
  5. You need to know WordPress for writing.

How much will you earn?

Well, it’s depends entirely on you. The more content you write, the more you can earn. Now, Where is my profit in this and why should I give you money?

Well, When you write an article people will visit up your article and from there you will earn money through Google Adsense. You get 60% of the maximum revenue from an article in Google AdSense and I get 40%.

How do you get paid?

I need to provide your credit card details or bank details so that I can transfer money directly to your credit card or bank account from Google Adsense.

Now why would you believe me that I would really give your 60% from work?

Yeah, That’s a point. The more content you write, the better for my website. First you write me a content and from there I will give you how much money you will earn! If I don’t pay you won’t work with me.

When will you get your pay?

Whenever you start earning 100 100 from your article, you will immediately receive money from your bank account or credit card.

And lastly, I would say you can trust me 100 %. When I pay you, you will get a screenshot of your Google Adsense. So, Don’t worry about fraud.