How to create a subdomain and install WordPress

Many people ask me and this is the simple problem of how to create a subdomain and install WordPress. Well in this article today I am going to show you how to create a subdomain for totally free. So lets started!

Creating a subdomain in cPanel | Doteasy

What is a subdomain?

First, If you don’t know what is subdomain then I am telling you. A subdomain is a part of a domain. like: is a main domain and, Here the AdSense is a subdomain.

What do you need to create a subdomain?

You need a domain and hosting plan to create a subdomain. If you don’t know what is hosting and how to purchase a hosting plan then you can search it on google you will find many website and article.

How to create a subdomain?

well we are goning to create a subdomain in just 9 steps:

Step1: Log in to your hosting c-Panel
Step2: Search for subdomain and click to open
Step3: Now in the subdomain form, Put your subdomain name. (Ex: My subdomain name is “BN”)
Step4: Click create and It will give you a successful massage. Click go back
Step5: Now, Search for softaculous apps installer and Open it.(You can directly search for WordPress if you don’t find then Search for softaculous)
Step6: Click on wordpress.
Step7: Now choose installations url main to sub Domain
Step8: Customize your site details
Step9: Select a theme and click install

As you can see the installation is running

Hurray, You are done! Now you are successfully creating a subdomain and install WordPress.
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