Google’s G Suite is now a workspace

Google's G suite

Google’s G Suite is changing. Its new name is ‘Workplace.’ The workplace will act as a software hub to make it easier for those who handle office work from afar. Google is bringing some more new features to their workplace. Adding various useful apps to the workplace, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, etc.

Last April, Google said it had 6 million business customers in return for their money. Due to the Corona epidemic, 3 million single users are using the Google Meet video platform every day.

Google G Suite has launched four years ago. Google is in the process of integrating the latest services. In it, various productive and communication apps will be available in a single connected interface.

Mail, chat, video, voice, and content management can be done in one place. Google announced the new interface last July. Now they are giving that facility to the workspace buyers. They will be launching it for customers and students soon.

The logo of Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Meet apps is changing with the name change of G Suite. Javier Salter, head of Workspace, said, ‘Our new Google Workspace brand will connect more people and create easier job opportunities. Our new icons are a reflection of that.

Google is also changing the price of their workspace. Prices start at $ 6 per user per month.

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