Google Play Music is shutting down in 2020

Google is shutting down the Google Play Music service. The service will be discontinued in September for users in New Zealand and South Africa. Next month, Google announced plans to discontinue this special service for listening to music in other parts of the world.

Google play music

According to the technology website The Verge, the Google Play Music service will no longer be available from next December. As a result, there will be no facility to transfer content from this service. From this month, Google will not accept applications to buy music from the Play Store.

Google Play Music
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Verge reports that Google has fully launched their YouTube music service. It can now be used instead of Google Play Music. A few months ago, Google Play Music began to move users to a new service. Now they have made it much easier to transfer content from Play Music.

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Google has said it will issue a sufficient notice before shutting down the Play Music service. It can be used until it is closed. However, if someone buys a new device running Android 10, you will see YouTube music pre-installed instead of Play Music.

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