Google is adding tasks to the calendar

Google is working to improve the process of integrating different things between apps and services. The technology company recently announced the integration of the Meet and Chat service into the Gmail app and web platform. Google has been working since last year to integrate the Google Tasks service with Google Calendar.

Users of Google’s personal and Jesuit accounts have started getting the update service on Android and iOS versions. This information has been given in a blog post on Google.

According to Google’s blog, the Tasks service is integrated with their calendar service, allowing users to easily create new tasks. And you can see it in Google Calendar mobile app.

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Previously the service was only available in the web version. As the service is updated, various tasks created in Google Calendar will be automatically synchronized to desktop and mobile devices. For this, you need to have the same Google account on desktop and mobile devices.

Google authorities said the service will reach everyone quickly. Google users can now easily do various things using Google Calendar.

Google launched the Google Tasks service in 2016. The Tasks service has had a number of new features over the last two years. Now that Google Calendar is connected, it can be easily done to create new events, tasks, or various tasks, to adjust the day with the calendar.

To fix a new task, go to the Tasks option from the Create button. After that, if you save the task with the necessary information including the name, Google Calendar will be able to inform it at a specific time.

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