Freelancing: Top 5 Website for Freelancing in 2020

If you do any kind of technology work, then you can sell your work and earn money online by doing freelance work or Freelancing. In this article today I am going to show you the Top 5 Website for Freelancing or Freelancer. So let’s get started.

What is freelancing?

Well, Freelancing is a contract-based job where the individual serves several clients using his or her skills and experience instead of being hired as a full-time employee.

Freelancing means you can do a job without going anywhere like a virtual office. You can work at your house. That means freelancing doesn’t matter where you are. Freelancers need to expert anything. You can sell any kind of service you want

How many money will you earn by doing freelancing?

well, Its totally dependent on you. Ex: If you are a web developer then you can earn money like $90k in a year and this is not a low budget. Not only this one you can sell your developed website many more $ Dollar. And again I am saying its totally dependent on your work.

Before jumped in freelancing?

Before you get started with freelancing you need to expert any kind of work. If you are a beginner then you need to expert anything. So don’t jump in without any skills. Because you will fail and this will make you sad. To learn something and go for freelancing.

Top site for freelancer?

In this top5 list site, I have worked as a year. Now I am writing a blog because this is my passion. I will recommend you to follow your passion.



Fiverr is the most popular website for freelancing. Here you can sell your service from $5. You can sell anything you want. If you can typing very fast, You can sell this service from $5. And this is a very cool feature I have ever seen. So go to and sell your services if you are skilled then.


Upwork is also the most popular website for freelancing in the world. You need a verified profile then you can BID any kind of project. And also you need to be skilled then you can do it. So check it out and go ahead.

Freelancer is the site for begianer freelancers. I have also worked very first in my life in this site. Here you can contest and Bid project. Also like the other site you can bid and contest anykind of service you know. So check it out and go ahead.


99design is most popular site for design and contest. You can earn more money from this site. But here the all freelancer are skilled. So if you know something about design then you need to exprect. Otherwise you can’t success this site. So, First learn design and Sklled on designing then go to 99design and earn money.


People per our is the most popular wesite for hiring freelancer. You can do you cliet work in a hour. Again you need too skilled otherwise you can’t earn money and you can’t succesful on this site. If you want to know about more peopleperhour then you need to search on youtube. You will find more information.

Website for Freelancing
zWebsite for Freelancing

So, This are the most popular site in the world and known for freelancing. Before you get started you need to more research on those website. Beacuse I have given a short description about this site. You can find many tutorial on So first research about one wesbite then jumped into those site.

Thanks for reading
Written by Muhammad Naim Babu.

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