Facebook update: Cool UI on the login page in 2020

We got Facebook update every year. And this year facebook gives us Cool UI on the login page. Let’s check what we are getting and Who will got this?

Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world. Facebook gives us free and free massages, Audio calls, and Vidio call options. Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

Facebook update

Facebook updates its login page and signs up page. The cool color and The Cool UI, I mean I love this design. Thank you, Facebook for doing this. From some years many people waiting for this and finally we got this update. Facebook Regularly update the app UI. But this year we will get web updates.

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You can see the homepage UI of Facebook feed Quiet beautiful. And we got this some months ago. Facebook promises us they will give all the updates very soon!

Facebook update: What is changed?

The login page has two containers. One is the left side site logo and subtitle and the Right side is the login form. If you want to create a Facebook account you need to go to another page. I mean a popup window will appear on the browser And also this UI is cool.

Facebook update

Facebook update: How can you get this?

You don’t to worry about it. This is a update and Everyone will get this update.

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