DDR5 RAM is coming with double speed

DDR5 Ram

The announcement of DDR5 RAM came three years ago. At that time, it was said, the speed of RAM would double. Finally, DDR5 technology is coming to the market. SK Heinex, a South Korean memory semiconductor manufacturer, said it would start selling by the third quarter of 2021. However, The Verge.com reports that they are already ready.

SK Heinex claims that the new RAM will support a bandwidth of up to 5,600 megabytes per second. DDR5 technology RAM, however, supports a maximum bandwidth of 6,400 megabytes per second. However, the speed will be 1.6 times faster than DDR4 technology. Apart from that, electricity will also cost less than before. Earlier it was 1.2 volts, in the new RAM, it will be 1.1 volts.

With the exception of these cumbersome calculations, the announcement of the new RAM is not bringing any change in the speed of the user’s computer right now. The first reason is that there are still many months to go. Second, current computer systems do not yet support DDR5 RAM. Intel has announced that any of its future processors will support DDR5 technology. AMD did not even announce it. The people concerned do not think that it will be given before 2022.

However, in the end, any organization is really going into the production of DDR5 ram. Maybe other organizations will come forward soon after seeing them. And not now, when the RAM is within reach, then the benefits will be available. The same thing happened with DDR4 RAM. Reached users many years after the announcement.

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