10 Best And Free WordPress Plugins in 2020

WordPress plugin the best way to control and customize your WordPress site. WordPress plugin gives a lot of options to customize and control our website in an easy way. But there are many plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository. So which should you need to use?

Free WordPress Plugins

The official plugin repository contains over 55,000 free WordPress plugins and counts. That means your website has plugins for almost every function or feature you need. Great news for WordPress lovers!

You can look for both free and premium plugins for WordPress while most plugins are developed as freemium. A premium plugin is a plugin with the option to upgrade to the premium version for improved features.

10 Best And Free WordPress Plugins

From the 55,000 plugins I used only 10 plugins and I used 10 plugins because If you install unnecessary plugin then your site will be going slow. So try to use 5-15 plugins. In this plugin list, I will share with you my personal list, That I used on my site.

  1. AccessPress Anonymous Post
  2. AMP
  3. Contact Form 7
  4. Easy Table of Contents
  5. Insert Headers and Footers
  6. Jetpack by WordPress.com
  7. Rank Math SEO
  8. W3 Total Cache
  9. reSmush.it Image Optimizer
  10. WP User Avatar

#01. AccessPress Anonymous Post

Free WordPress Plugins

I am sure you are still reading my article and you can see on my site I have created a section for a guest blogger. Many bloggers came and find a section called the guest blog. They came and write a post for free to generate backlink.

Now if you don’t know what is backlink then you search on google or YouTube you will find a lot of tutorials or articles. And this is a very important plugin for your website to get a successful website. And this is Free WordPress Plugins.

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#02. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Free WordPress Plugins

If you are new on WordPress site or blog industry then You have to mind it that around 40% of people visit your website by mobile. If your site is not mobile user-friendly then this is very bad for SEO and many things. So you should make your site mobile-first.

And The APM plugin will help you to create your site mobile-friendly and faster. So go ahead and install this plugin for free. Also this is Free WordPress Plugins.

#03. Contact Form 7

Free WordPress Plugins

Many come to visit your website daily. And they want to get your site every update and Also you need to market your site and Your all post to make your site bigger. In this case, you will need turns of people EMAIL marketing.

To do that you need a plug called Contact Form 7. This plugin will help you collect all email and It will Give you by list. So think how easy is email-marketing with contact form 7.

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#04. Easy Table of Contents

Free WordPress Plugins

If you notice that all successful bloggers use Table of Contents on their websites. This is the most important thing for SEO and user. Table of Contents use can easily find you’re every post section. If they clicked that they Will redirect automatically into the topic. And this is a very handy feature.

To do that you need a plugin called Easy Table of Contents. This plugin will help you to create the Easy Table of Contents. You don’t need to do anything. Just install it and the plugin will work automatically. Also, this is Free WordPress Plugins.

#05. Insert Headers and Footers

Free WordPress Plugins

The most beginner blogger can’t add Google Adsence code into their website. Google ads give us many options to add google ads code into our website. But the easy way is to paste the code into the header. And if you don’t know to code then it’s not easy for you.

But without any experience, you can do that with Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Just install it and put the code into the blank box of the plugin. Trust me it’s very easy.

#06. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Free WordPress Plugins

Now after #05 coming into the all in one plugin by WordPress.com. The all in one plugin called Jetpack. Jetpack will help you to keep your site secure and make your site faster. Also, the jetpack plugin will help you to do marketing and it comes with more built-in features.

So, go ahead and install the Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin.

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#07. Rank Math SEO

Free WordPress Plugins

If you have listened to SEO then you know how important is. And to do SEO you need a plugin. Without a plugin, you can’t SEO. There is a popular plugin called Yoast SEO plugin.

But this is not fully free. You need to buy it. But the Yoast SEO alternative I am using Rank Math SEO. This plugin is totally free and helps to make your site SEO-friendly. Also, this is Free WordPress Plugins.

#08. W3 Total Cache

Free WordPress Plugins

If your site is new and it takes much time to load then you need to use this plugin. W3 Total Cache helps to make your site faster and it clear your website cache. Now if you don’t know what is cache then search on google you will find many different articles.

In a short word, WordPress caching is the way of improving performance. If the site is getting too many hits, you can enable WordPress caching by installing W3 Cache or WP Super Cache.

#09. reSmush.it Image Optimizer

Free WordPress Plugins

The big problem on SEO is “Image”. If your image size is too high then your site will go to slow. You need to upload an optimized image for that. And optimize every image this is boring work man!

And to make the work enjoy-full you need this plugin called reSmush.it Image Optimizer. It will help to optimize your image automatically. So, go ahead and install the reSmush.it Images Optimizer plugin.

#10. WP User Avatar

Free WordPress Plugins

Everyone wants to set their profile pic in to about or bio seaction. But without plugin this not possible. with WP User Avatar you can add your pic into about or bio seaction.

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